Tracking KE5LRL

The worlds of motorcycles (well any conveyance), GPS and geekdom have merged to allow online real time tracking. Is that way cool or what?

The process is fairly simple in theory. The onboard GPS sends position data to the motorbike mounted ham radio. The radio transmits this information to a receiver that puts the information on the internet.

Internet sites have been set up to receive and display this information at no cost to the user. They do ask for donations which we gladly sent. Just click on the links below.

KE5LRL-10 Find U Position
Find U only keeps reasonably current data. If we haven't transmitted in a few days it will not show the last known position. Their mapping is a bit more precise.

KE5LRL-10 APRS World Tracking and Position
APRS World offers many more options but is not as intuitive. It keeps the last known position indefinitely.