LSR Project

My first memory of Bonneville is watching Craig Breedlove running fast on jet powered cars. I was hooked and longed to travel to the salt flats hand have a go. I was a gear head before I even knew what a gear head was.

Life took me down many other trails and as I neared 55 I realized time was growing short to go play on seriously fast motorbikes. So I bought a new old stock 2007 Kawasaki ZX14. Truth be told I should have gotten a Suzuki Hayabusa. They have better aerodynamics and more potential for big horsepower. But EVERYONE has a 'Busa.

I had a great plan. Start with a stock motorbike and work my way up to speed slowly. Gain experience in a new adventure while learning how to tune. Great plan. Here is who it really went.

Stock Broke the bike in and had it dynoed to get a base line for modifications. I learned from my years roadracing that what people told you did not always work. The bike was average at 148BHP (corrected) and 86 ft/lbs of torque.
Full dyno chart

Phase 1
Ok, here is where the nice gradual plan fell apart. I sold all my other toys and dove in head first. The plan was to install a pipe and do my first event to gain experience. Well I had to know how the engine was doiing so a data logging system was fitted. The pipe had to be modified for the O2 sensor and the bike prepped for the first event at the Texas Mile. For a complete breakdown click on the Phase 1link.

Texas Mile October 09 - First event

Phase 2

Texas Mile October 09 - Second event

Phase 3