It does not really matter what you do in life for nothing is permanent. Mountains wash to the sea; continents move about, the earth's crust renews itself, even the sun will explode one day scattering our elements through the vastness of the universe.

What does matter is how you spend your time on this tiny blue marble tucked away in the suburbs of an unremarkable galaxy. Religion aside, all we have is now and each other. That we exist at all is a miracle. That we think and reason is incredible.

Infinite are the paths you may take through your short time on this earth. Infinite too are the factors that influence your choices when these paths diverge. These are beyond my capability to explain much less offer advice.

Given the transient nature of the universe and life, some opt to maximize their share even at cost to others. This I find abhorrent. While we cannot exist without cost to other living things, callous disregard of other life is despicable.

Not recognizing the value of other living things diminishes one's own value. True, some beings are more precious to us than others. But all life has value and should not be wantonly disregarded or intentionally abused to promote one's own welfare.

The promulgations used to justify this type of behavior are embarrassingly transparent and insulting to any reasoning being.

Live the life you choose, but live it ethically. I think Lyle Lovett pegged it in a song. "Its easier said than done, look at what you have been through and see what you've become."